Role Play

Role Play instructions


You are going to do a role play (RP) similar to the Divine Guitars meeting. Divide the class into pairs (one person works for Divine and one for KP Music Shop), or into fours (two people on each side, as in the original video). Use your real names, not the names in the video. KP Music Shop can be in your country, not the UK.

Inside the classroom each pair, or four, has a separate role play. So there will be many RPs happening at the same time.

The classroom is New York. Prepare a separate area in the room for each RP: a desk with chairs on either side. The Divine people begin the RP at their desks, waiting. The KP people begin the RP outside the classroom, in a line in the corridor, and will knock at the door and enter the room in turn (approximately 20 second intervals).

Your aim is to practise having a meeting in English, NOT to remember the Divine meeting. So use the scenario on the next page as your starting point, but feel free to take the negotiation in any direction that you want, and to invent details not in the original video.

Starting the Role Play

The Divine people wait for their own RP partner/s to enter the room and then get up from their desk and move to the door to welcome them. Then each RP group (two or four people) moves back to the desk together. The meeting begins with some social English: ‘Can I get you a drink?’ / ‘How was your flight?’ / ‘Is this your first time in New York?’ etc.

Role Play scenario

KP Music Shop is a retailer of musical instruments, based in the UK (or your country). They are expanding into the European market (or your own regional market). Divine Guitars is a guitar manufacturer, based in New York. Someone (or two people) from KP are visiting the Divine offices in New York. They are interested in a range of guitars called the Lola range.

KP and Divine have exchanged emails and spoken on the phone before the meeting in New York. Divine gave this information for their Lola range of guitars:

                          target market                       price to retailer    minimum order

Lola One      beginners                               $100                       400

Lola Gold     experienced guitarists      $250                       100

Lola Pro        professional musicians    $500                       100

Terms of payment

40% in advance. 20% on shipping. 40% arrival in destination port.


Areas to discuss in the meeting

  1. Introductions; history of the two companies; aims of the meeting
  2. Quality
  3. Quantity and Price
  4. Delivery
  5. Terms and Close

Download a pdf copy of the ‘Divine Guitars’ Class Activities