How is the business content so realistic?

The people behind BEhereBEthere are teachers, not business people. But we teach Business English, and have years of experience behind us. We have sat in class and listened to hundreds and hundreds of students: from secretaries to CEOs, from pharma to banking, from Germany to Brazil. We have listened with attention and interest as our students explain their work, discuss issues and do role-plays.

This puts us in a unique position: we have watched ‘from the outside’ as students from many areas of business talk and interact.┬áIn fact … we probably know more about business language than a ‘real’ business person who has spent all their career in just one industry sector. We fly high and see things with a wide-angle, birds-eye view.

We know how language is used in a business context. We are fascinated by it. Our passion for Business English shows on every page of every course.

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