What else can I do to improve my Business English?

We’re working hard to bring you more content here on the website. But it takes time and right now we’re just one person.

Going to a language school is always a good idea. The owner of BEhereBEthere has been a classroom teacher all his life, and still is. Try to find a teacher who gives you plenty of opportunity to speak, interesting and varied tasks, and personalized language feedback. The mix of online input via an eLearning platform, and classroom-based speaking practice with teacher feedback, is called ‘blended learning’. It’s a great idea.

Another way to study is with self-study print books. Just like a website, they are available any time and anywhere (on your shelf or in your bag). You may prefer them, particularly if you look at a screen all day in your work and don’t want to do the same in your leisure time! Paul Emmerson, the owner of BEhereBEthere, has written many self-study BE books – take a look here.

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