What are the vision and values of BEhereBEthere?

BEhereBEthere was started in October 2014 by Paul Emmerson. He had looked at other eLearning websites, and they felt more like a series of hoops to jump through, and less like a fun place to spend time. The sites also relied heavily on passive reading, easy quizzes, and giving the user a false sense of progress. Paul wanted to try to do something better. And in particular, he wanted to draw on his twenty five years’ experience as a Business English teacher and writer. In the eLearning industry Paul would be called an SME (Subject Matter Expert). So, in summary, he is an SME solopreneur!

His vision includes:

+ having real, experienced teachers actually teaching

+ a clear context for new language, not just isolated words, phrases and grammar points

+ going round new language several times in a course, to help remember it

+ minimizing pages of dull text and maximizing video

+ quizzes that review the course material in a challenging way, rather than giving an easy free ride

+ feedback on incorrect quiz answers so that you know why you are wrong

+ ability for the learner to go on their own journey and do any course at any time

The values of the site are:

+ loving   BEhereBEthere explaining, and you understanding for ever

   hating   BEhereBEthere putting up slides full of text, and you reading and forgetting

+ loving   craftmanship, individuality, and the passion of great content creators

   hating   corporate blandness and scalable boredom

+ loving   integrity about what eLearning can and cannot do

   hating   marketing hype, techy gimmicks, and false claims about learners making progress

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