Before watching: prepare

Study the words below. They are used in the Divine Guitars meeting.

  • turbulence: sudden, violent movement of the air
  • outline: the general points, but not the details
  • range: a set of similar products
  • sample: a small amount of something that shows you what the rest is like
  • concerns: (formal) worries
  • assure: (formal) promise
  • minimum order: the smallest number of a product that a company will supply
  • flagship store: the biggest and most important store in a particular country
  • roll (sth) out: introduce a product to the market in stages
  • ramp up: increase activity (especially production)
  • discount: a reduction in the usual price
  • rebate: an amount of money that is paid back to you
  • delivery: when goods arrive at the customer
  • batch: a group of products that are produced, or sent, at the same time
  • warehouse: a large building for storing goods before they are sold
  • terms of payment: the written details about when and how a customer pays a supplier
  • upfront: in advance