Before watching: prepare

Study the words below. They are used in the Divine Guitars meeting.

  • hands-on: doing something yourself, rather than reading or talking about it
  • a handful of: a small number of
  • suitable: right for a particular purpose
  • appeal: when people think something is attractive or interesting
  • concerns (formal): worries
  • CADCAM: computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing
  • CNC: computer numerical control
  • machine tool: a tool (such as a drill) that is designed for shaping solid materials such as metal
  • hand finishing: when the final stages in a manufacturing process are done by hand
  • wholesale price: the price that the retailer pays to the supplier for a large amount of goods
  • mark sth up: increase the cost price of sth by a certain percentage, to get the selling price
  • break sth down: separate sth into smaller parts
  • rock bottom: at the very lowest level
  • consignment: a quantity of goods that are sent together
  • compromise: when someone accepts less than they really want, in order to reach an agreement
  • payment terms: the written details about when and how a customer pays a supplier
  • upfront: in advance